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The relationship between the business and the social service sectors has been under-developed in the past. Outside of limited corporate philanthropy, most businesses and charities have little contact. Until recently, the pressure of globalization has begun to shift the paradigm and the relationship between the two sectors has changed fundamentally. Hong Kong is increasingly looking to the business and the social service sectors to take up greater responsibility for maintaining a healthy community. Developing social capital and business assets together may be the most powerful potential of all.

Purpose and objectives of the project
The “Caring Company Scheme” is a movement promoting Corporate Social Responsibility through caring for the community, employees and the environment. It is specifically geared to encourage and promote strategic partnerships among business and social service partners. It promotes good practices for corporate citizenship and philanthropy that are realistic and credible for both corporations and the community.


Members of the Caring Company Scheme Steering Committee are as follows:

Mr Bernard CHAN Mr Bernard CHAN, GBS, JP
The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
Chairman & CEO
Grace Financial Limited
Mr David FONG Mr David FONG, JP
Managing Director
Hip Shing Hong Group of Companies
Executive Vice President
Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited
Mr Larry KWOK Mr Larry KWOK,BBS, JP
Hon. Legal Advisor
The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
Ms Jane LAU Ms Jane LAU
Chief Executive
The Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF
Ms Elizabeth LAW Ms Elizabeth LAW, MH,JP
Law & Partners CPA Limited
Mr Timothy MA Mr Timothy MA
Project Consultant
Project Flame-Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship@CityU
Ms Deborah WAN Ms Deborah WAN, BBS, JP
Vice Chairperson
The Hong Kong Joint Council for People with Disabilities
Mr Edmund SIM Mr Edmund SIM
Managing Director, Head of Global Capital Markets
China Merchants Securities (HK) Co.,Limited
Mr Richard TSANG Mr Richard TSANG
Chairman & Managing Director
Strategic Public Relations Group Limited
Wong May Kwan Ms WONG May Kwan
Executive Director
Hans Andersen Club
Mr Kennedy LIU Mr Kennedy LIU
Vice Chairperson
The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
Mr Chua Hoi Wai Mr CHUA Hoi Wai
Chief Executive
The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

Terms of Reference of the Steering Committee

    1. Aims and Functions
      • To steer the project implementation, development and promotion.
      • To advocate Corporate Social Responsibility and to drive for community involvement.
      • To determine the criteria for being a “Caring Company” and the partnering organizations.
      • To appoint an adjudication panel to assess companies and organizations who apply for joining the scheme.
      • To evaluate the effectiveness of the project.
      • To advise the continuation and future development of the project.


    1. Composition
      Membership of the Committee should include 8 to 12 members excluding the Chief Executive and staff of HKCSS, with a quorum of at least 3 persons.  The members shall include:
      • Chairperson of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service
      • Personnel committed to social service from the business sector
      • Representative(s) from Agency Members of the Council
      • Representative of the Standing Committee on Partnership and Public Engagement, The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
      • Other co-opted members who have interest in and have expertise to advise on the project


      The Committee shall elect amongst its members a Chairperson.

    1. Terms of service
      • All members appointed by the HKCSS shall serve office for a term of two year,
      • There is no limitation on the number of terms held by each member,
      • The Chief Executive of HKCSS shall be in attendance,
      • The Committee shall fill casual vacancies occurring in the committee for the remaining term of the posts left vacant.
      • The Committee shall be dissolved when the project ends.


  1. Meetings
    • The Committee may regulate its meetings as and when need arises