Vision and Mission

Fruitful Achievements in 16 Years

Launched for 16 years, the Caring Company Scheme (CCS) awarded companies have grown from 259 to nowadays 3,697, an increase of 6% as compared to last year, with 54% of the total number is SME.

For these nearly 3,700 enterprises and organisations, over 210 of them have received the award for more than 15 years. In other words, above 80% of the companies that received the CCS award since the first year have remained our long-term and loyal partners. These companies are sophisticated in implementing the corporate social responsibilities (CSR). For example, the awardees of "Outstanding Partnership Project Award" this year have been making use of their expertise to partner with social service organisations to promote social innovation and solve social problems. Today, we specially invite the companies and organisations that have been awarded the "Caring Company / Caring Organisation" logo for 10 and 15 consecutive years to attend this ceremony, celebrating the cooperative results between the business sectors and social communities.

Should the "Caring Company Scheme been continued, we need the support of loyal partners, but new impetus is also indispensable. This year, there are 622 companies and organisations received the "Caring Company / Caring Organisation" logo for their first time, accounting for 17% of the total. We look forward to developing long-term partnerships with these new blood and new force of power.

We look into the future that the "Caring Company Scheme" will encourage more enterprises to incorporate elements of social concern and environmental protection in their business operation, while enhancing their corporate competitiveness and also alleviating social problems and creating shared value (CSV). CSV model is getting more and more attention from the international community and becomes the trend of future development. Recently, the HKCSS has collaborated with “Our Hong Kong Foundation" to organise the "Business for Social Good Outstanding Award”, locating some local business that implementing the model.

Regardless it is CSR or CSV, we hope that it can be a drive through the platform of “Caring Company Scheme” to promote the cooperation between the business sector and the social services community in order to create a culture of innovation, care and sharing, and build a society of sustainable development, care and shared achievements.

Last but not least, on behalf of HKCSS and over 460 NGO, I would like to thank the “Caring Company “and “Caring Organisation” awardees for their support in 16 years. I wish we will continue the cooperation to pass on this mission.

Bernard Chan and Chua Hoi Wai

Bernard Chan
The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
Chua Hoi Wai
Chief Executive
The Hong Kong Council of Social Service