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SHKP Rainbow with KIDS

Date of issue: 2020-01-01

SHKP Rainbow with KIDS

Supporting Children Encountered Family Crisis

Background & Objectives

With the continuous support by Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited, The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) has launched SHKP Rainbow with KIDS since 2017. The project has been supporting more than 600 children and youth who have undergone traumatic family crises. It provides opportunities for them to naturally express their feelings, relieve psychological stress and re-build their confidence so as to face the crises with a positive attitude and support. The professionals assist the parents to maintain a good connection and communication with their children, thus, they can face the challenges together.

This year, 4 NGOs with rich experience in serving the children in family crises, including Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service, Harmony House, The Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council and Hong Kong Single Parents Association participated to render professional counseling and support services for about 205 children. The project will commence in January 2020 for 1 to 1.5 years.

Please download the leaflet for more details.

SHKP Rainbow with KIDS (1)   SHKP Rainbow with KIDS (2)


Emotional Intelligence Agency "Emotional Intelligence Agency" Game Card and Storybook (2020)

Consultant:Helen Kwok, Counselling Psychologist from The Hong Kong Shue Yan University Counselling and Research Centre
Authors:Helen Kwok, Poon Ka Yin
Illustrator:Luksaan Min

The Teaching Kit makes use of weather as a metaphor for emotions, through playing the cards in various ways, children can express their emotions/feelings under relaxing atmosphere, and a storybook with dealing children’s emotion tips for carers is also included.

We hope that the Teaching Kit can be not only a toy for children, but also a tool for the children and their carers to enhance their communications, thus making family and school life more harmonious.
Oh! My broken glass! "Oh! My broken glass!"(2019)

Author:Cheung Pui Sze
Illustrator:Ko Man Ho

We hope that this picture book not only serves as a reading book in families, but also let more people to think about how they get through traumatic family crises with children. Believe that children can overcome difficulties with supports from family, friends and the school. Just like the broken glass bottle which could be repaired, and even become more beautiful.
An elephant in a room "An elephant in a room"(2018)

Authors:So Mei Chi, Cheng Kam Sze

A local original picture book was published to raise public awareness of the subject. We hope that this picture book serves to let more people to see and understand the adversities faced by these children, as a reading book in the family and also a counseling tool of front line social workers.

Enquiry & Contact

Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service - Ms. Galie CHOW:3413 1604
Harmony House - Ms. Elaine WOO:2342 0072
The Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council - Ms. May LAW:2782 7560
Hong Kong Single Parents Association - Mr. Adward TAM:2338 1303

Supporting Organisations
Supporting Organisations