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Building Community • Building Tung Chung

Date of issue: 2021-09-16

Tung Chung is a rapidly developing remote New Townr new Tung Chung residents

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Tung Chung is a rapidly developing remote New Town. Drastic growth of population lead to a greatly-increased needs of local public facilities and service support for new Tung Chung residents, ethnic minorities as well as existing local residents.

Thus, Swire Trust’s TrustTomorrow Initiative supports HKCSS partnering with four local NGOs to launch “Building Community, Building Tung Chung” Programme. Through the provision of various supports to families in the district, the Programme aims to foster mutual help synergy in the neighbourhood and engage the community to build a trustful and inclusive Tung Chung together.

Phase I: Oct 2020 – March 2021 – Timely Support  

It was a huge challenge in 2020 when facing the pandemic. With the support of the Association of School Heads of Islands District, the Programme partnered with kindergartens, schools and NGOs to provide timely support of food and online activities for more than a thousand families and individuals.   

Phase II: April 2021 – March 2023 – Connecting the Community

Phase II has been kick-started in April 2021. It aims to provide series of sports, play, career and social inclusion activities to Tung Chung families through the collaboration between NGOs, schools and corporates in the community. From individual self-development, fostering family cohesion, to enhance community induction and integration, we strive to build a trustful Tung Chung community.


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Past Activities
Building Tung Chung Snapshot 1

Building Tung Chung Snapshot 2

Building Tung Chung Snapshot 3


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Sponsor: The Swire Group Charitable Trust
The Swire Group Charitable Trust was established in 1983 as the philanthropic arm of Swire Pacific Limited. It is overseen by a Philanthropy Council, which is chaired by a member of senior management. Guided by the Swire family motto – Esse Quam Videri – the Trust is motivated by altruism and acts for the direct benefit of society and the greater good.

Planning: The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

Established in 1947, The Hong Kong Council of Social Service is a federation of non-government social service agencies of Hong Kong. Having more than 490 Agency Members, and provide a platform that synergizes the efforts and strengths of different stakeholders to build a just, caring and inclusive society.
HKCSS connects and collaborates with four NGOs of different expertise, to strengthen the cohesiveness within community by driving a new NGO mix holistic service model in Tung Chung. In addition to engaging various community stakeholders, HKCSS will take reference from ethnography approach to conduct in-depth observations and interviews with residents, to narrate the stories of trust through Community Ethnography.
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Project Partners:
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Supporting Organisation:

Federation of Parent Teacher Associations of Islands District

Hong Kong Girl Guides Association Jockey Club Tung Chung Activity Centre

OIWA Limited

The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council Tung Chung Integrated Services Centre

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