The “Caring Company Scheme” 2024/25 Nomination Arrangement – Scheduled to commence in the first quarter of 2025
Caring Company Scheme 2023/24: Research Findings Release
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How to plan for a nomination?

Who can nominate and what is a charitable organisation (NGO)?

Eligible nominators include social welfare, educational, medical, environmental, cultural, recreational and sports, and international and cross-border organisations that meet any of the following requirements:

  • HKCSS Agency Members
    (for the list of members, please visit:
  • Other charitable organisations which are eligible for tax exemption under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance; and according to the effective date of Inland Revenue Department, registered in Hong Kong for at least 1 year.
    (for the list of tax-exempt charitable organisations, please visit:


How do I get endorsements from nominators?

Companies should collaborate with the local organisations within the designated period of time for the endorsement (please refer to Scope and adjudication of “Caring for the Community”). Companies shall discuss directly with their NGO partners about the arrangement of nomination before collaboration starts.

The scheme aims to encourage long-term partnerships between companies and charitable organisations (NGOs). NGOs may refuse the request for nomination if there has only been one or two collaborations.


How do I get to know the nominators?

  1. Join our events, such as the Caring Company Partnership Expo and Information Sharing Sessions; or
  2. Contact NGOs directly (e.g. social service organisations close to your office location); or
  3. Check with Agency for volunteer service referral (sign up for membership is requiredfirst)


How can I communicate with NGOs effectively on my objectives of community participation?

  1. Understand your company’s / organisation’s expectations on community service
  2. If your company / organisation would like to organize volunteer activities, please communicate with your colleagues about their preferences, interests and expertise


The Caring Company Logo

Can a holding company join Caring Company as a group?
All participating companies must be registered with a Business Registration (BR) and the business must be in operation in Hong Kong for at least 1 year. The company name must be equivalent to the registered name shown on the Business Registration Certificate. Nominations for individual product of a company will not be accepted.


Is the Caring Company Logo status transferable among subsidiaries under the same holding company?
The Caring Company Logo status and its subparts, including the company name, awarded years and the Logo, are not transferable.
If a company operates as a group, the holding company and its subsidiaries must be separately nominated by nominators.


If the company name is changed, what should I do?
Please submit the copy of the Certificate of Change of Name issued by Company Registry for checking. After verification, number of awarded years will remain unchanged.


The Caring Organisation Logo

Government departments, statutory bodies, chambers of commerce, professional bodies, international service clubs, philanthropic foundations, hospital, universities and tertiary educational institutions are eligible for nominations for Caring Organisation. All nomination procedures and requirements are same as Caring Company’s Logo.

Guidance Notes on Nomination Form

How to fill in the form

Different sections of the forms are indicated by three colors for easy reference:

Blue (Must be completed)Green (Must be completed)
Form 1 Nominee details
Form 3B Caring for the Employees
Form 3C Caring for the Environment
Supporting documents of Form 3B and 3C
Form 2 Nominator details 
Form 3A Caring for the Community
To be completed by the nominee To be completed by the nominator


All nominations must fulfill a minimum of TWO CRITERIA under the scope of Caring for the Community, but should it be fulfilled by a single nominator?
NO. The company/organisation could work with more than one organisation, but each nomination form should only include ONE eligible nominator. Thus, if the company only fulfills one Caring for the Community criterion with one nomination form, the company shall submit another nomination form that fulfills another Caring for the Community criterion. All criteria will be counted comprehensively, but the nomination processing fee will be calculated per nomination.


Can companies endorsed by more than one nominator?
Yes, there is no limitation on nominators’ endorsement to companies / organisations.


What is Caring Ambassador? 
The nomination for Caring Ambassador is to recognize employees who actively support and participate in community activities organised by their company or organisation. A maximum of three employees may be nominated. Once the nomination for Caring Ambassadors is submitted, no amendments can be made. There are no specific responsibilities for Caring Ambassadors, but Caring Ambassadors shall continue to promote community service.


Adjudication Scope: Are Caring for the Employees (Form 3B) and Caring for the Environment (Form 3C) related to the nominator?
Adjudication Scope Caring for the Employees and Caring for the Environment pertain to companies’ internal policies and management. Thus there is no direct linkage with the nominator. However, some companies/ organisations may organise the related activities/ programmes with their nominators on the two scopes.

Submission of Nomination Form

How to fill in the form

With Hard Copy – We only accept hard copy submission by post or in person; or Via Online Platform – Companies have to pre-register for an online account and sign in to fill in the nomination form.


Guidance notes for submitting Hard Copy Nomination Form:

  • Please submit the BLUE and GREEN nomination forms together (i.e. Form 1, 2, 3A, 3B and 3C).
  • Related supporting documents, including acknowledgement letters, internal office memos, photographs, staff manuals, emails, receipts, corporate publications, posters and certificate copies etc. shall also be submitted for verification.
  • Please submit nomination processing fee (paid by crossed cheque).


How does company renew the nomination?

There is no auto-renewal or waiver for the nomination. The effective period for the Caring Company and Caring Organisation Logo is one year. If companies / organisations would like to continue using the Logo, companies / organisations should collaborate with NGO partners every year and submit nomination forms for approval.

Online Nomination System

Are there any differences between submissions via the online platform and in hard copy?

All criteria are the same for submissions via the online platform and in hard copy form. However, the method for submission should be consistent for both nominator and nominee, either using the online platform or submitting in hard copy.


Can all nominations be done via the online platform?

Yes, all nominations can be done on the online platform, except self-nomination of government departments.


How do I set up an online platform account?

For First Time Nominees, please visit Caring Company’s website to download the “Pre-registration Form for First Time Nominees for Online nomination account set up” and submit it in excel format. The login name and password will be sent to the company’s / organisation’s registered email within 5 working days.


Does the form need to be signed when using online platform?

No signature or company stamp is needed for submissions on online platform. All information is encrypted. Companies should handle their login information carefully.


Login Name and Password

Each company/ organisation has its own independent account. If you fail to login to the platform, please press Forget Password & Enquiry Form for further assistance. As the password is encrypted, it can only be reset.


Will the login information be renewed every year?

HKCSS Agency Member - Generally, the login information remains the same and is managed by HKCSS Agency Member(s).

Non HKCSS Agency Member - Non HKCSS Agency Member are requested to submit Form 2 every year. After checking, login name and password will be sent to company’s registered e-mail within 5 working days.

Caring Companies / Organisations – Generally, the login information remains the same and is managed by companies/ organisations.


If companies / organisations have lost their past nomination record, how could they retrieve past nomination records?

Companies/ organisations can access their past nomination record via the online platform or download the nomination information since the year of 2014/15 (including hardcopy submission).


How long does it take to update the nomination status?

The nomination status will be updated immediately for online submissions. If the form is submitted by post or in-person, it will be updated within 4 weeks.


How long does it take for the payment record to be updated?

For online submission – The nomination processing fee record will be updated within 2 weeks after receiving the payment. For other submission methods - The nomination processing fee record will be updated within 4 weeks after receiving the nomination form.

Nomination Processing Fee

Nomination processing fee and payment method?

The nomination processing fee is charged per nomination form and is to be paid by the Early-bird deadline or (i.e. on or before 06 Oct, 2023) or the nomination deadline (i.e. on or before  5 Jan, 2024) by crossed cheque. Fees details as below:


HKCSS Agency Members (per copy):

Each nomination form is charged HK$500 (Submission via online platform: HK$300). Early-bird submission (on or before 06 Oct, 2023) is charged HK$300 (Submission via online platform HK$100).


Non-HKCSS Agency Members (per copy):

Hard-copy submission is charged HKD$700 (Submission via online platform HKD$600).

Logo Effective Period & Regulations

Effective Period for the Use of Logos

Caring Company / Caring Organisation Awardees are entitled to use the Logo for 1 year. For 2022/23, the period of using the Logo should start from 1 March 2023 to 29 February 2024. If the Award is not renewed, companies and organisations will have to cease using the Logo and displaying the Caring Company Certificate after 1 March 2024. If the company/ organisation is awarded with the 2023/24 Caring Company or Caring Organisation logo, the existing stationery and name cards with the 2022/23 Logos can still be used.


Do I need approval before using the Logo?

Samples of advertisements of products and services bearing the Logo must be sent to the HKCSS via email for prior approval and record purpose. Please kindly allow a minimum of 5 working days for the approval process. Advertising and promotion materials bearing the Logo may only be publicly displayed after the approval of HKCSS. For detailed regulations regarding Logo Usage, please refer to “Guide for Caring Company/ Organisation Logo”