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The Caring Company Scheme

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The Caring Company Scheme 2022/23

Date of issue: 2022-05-31

The arrangement of the Caring Company Scheme 2022/23 as below:
Logo Nomination Schedule:

Caring Company Online Nomination System Commences Early Jul 2022
Early-bird Deadline for HKCSS Agency Members From early Jul to 7 Oct 2022
Nomination Deadline 11 Nov 2022

The Outstanding Partnership Project Award:
The Outstanding Partnership Project Award will be cancelled this year.

Scope and adjudication
● There are 3 adjudication SCOPES under the Scheme: Caring for the Community (From 3A), Caring for the Employee (Form 3B) and Caring for the Environment (Form 3C)
● There are 3 adjudication Scopes and a total of 21 Criteria will remain unchanged 
● To qualify for the Caring Company or Caring Organisation Logo, all nominations must fulfil a minimum of 2 criteria from each of the three scopes respectively
● Nominees are required to carry out activities throughout the entire year of 2022

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