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SHKP Rainbow with KIDS - Picture Book 《噢!玻璃瓶打破了!》 Now in bookshops!

Date of issue: 2020-01-24

SHKP Rainbow with KIDS - Picture Book

“SHKP Rainbow with KIDS”, turning into its fourth year, has been supporting more than 600 children and youth who have undergone traumatic family crises. It provides opportunities for them to naturally express their feelings, relieve psychological stress and re-build their confidence so as to face the crises with a positive attitude and support. The professionals assist the parents to maintain a good connection and communication with their children, thus, they can face the challenges together. Please download the leaflet for more details.

The 2nd picture book namely 《噢!玻璃瓶打破了!》under this project has been published. The story is written by Cheung Pui Sze and the illustrator is Ko Man Ho. We hope that this picture book not only serves as a reading book in families, but also let more people to think about how they get through traumatic family crises with children. Believe that children can overcome difficulities with supports from family, friends and the school. Just like the broken glass bottle which could be repaired, and even become more beautiful.