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The Caring Company Scheme 2020/21 & nomination form download

Date of issue: 2020-05-27

In light of the epidemic, some special arrangements will be made for Caring Company Scheme 2020/21 as below:
Logo Nomination Schedule

Caring Company Online Nomination System Commences  From mid Jun 2020
Early-bird Deadline for HKCSS Agency Members From mid Jun to 6 Nov 2020
Nomination Deadline 8 Jan 2021

Schedule for Special Award Application

Nomination Deadline for List of Barrier-free Companies / Organisation 6 Nov 2020

Outstanding Partnership Project Award (Updated)
The Outstanding Partnership Project Award of this year would be suspended. In the coming year, we look forward to more participation of projects in cross-border community initiatives that respond to the needs of the community!

Scope and adjudication
● There are 3 adjudication SCOPES under the Scheme: Caring for the Community (From 3A), Caring for the Employee (Form 3B) and Caring for the Environment (Form 3C)
● A new criterion has been added to the scopes respectively, they are Tough Times Collaboration, Tough Times Together and Anti-epidemic in an Eco-friendly Way (only applicable to this year)
● To qualify for the Caring Company or Caring Organisation Logo, all nominations must fulfil a minimum of 2 criteria from each of the three scopes respectively
● Nominees are required to carry out activities throughout the entire year of 2020
Please click to download the nomination form
If you have any further queries, please contact us at :

Tel: 2864-2966 
Whatsapp: 6849-9385
Email: caringcompany@hkcss.org.hk