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SHKP Rainbow with KIDS – "Emotional Intelligence Agency" Game Card and Storybook Teaching Kit Available Soon!

Date of issue: 2020-10-20


After launching two local original picture books under the project “SHKP Rainbow with KIDS” in 2018 & 2019, we are delighted to have Ms Helen Kwok, Counselling Psychologist from The Hong Kong Shue Yan University Counselling and Research Centre, Chair of The Division of Counselling Psychology, Hong Kong Psychological Society, be our consultant this year to design "Emotional Intelligence Agency" Game Card and Storybook Teaching Kit for children aged 3-8 and their carers. The Teaching Kit makes use of weather as a metaphor for emotions, through playing the cards in various ways, children can express their emotions/feelings under relaxing atmosphere, and a storybook with dealing children’s emotion tips for carers is also included. We hope that the Teaching Kit can be not only a toy for children, but also a tool for the children and their carers to enhance their communications, thus making family and school life more harmonious.