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The Caring Company Scheme

Considerations on Conferring Awards, Lodging Complaints and Delisting

  • Companies and organisations that are awarded the Caring Company / Caring Organisation Logo by HKCSS shall agree to the objectives of the Caring Company Scheme and comply with the adjudication criteria
  • HKCSS shall not associate with companies/organisations of which the businesses or practices are considered as contradictory to the values and missions of the Council. Admission to the Caring Company Scheme is at the Council’s sole discretion
  • The Council reserves the right to withhold the nominations or delist the Caring Company/Caring Organisation award status of companies/organisations in the interest of the integrity of the Caring Company Scheme
  • In the event of any conviction involving a criminal offence within or outside Hong Kong jurisdiction, any verdict of ethical conviction brought by a statutory body, or any judgment of infringement of business ethics and / or lack of credibility by the Caring Company Scheme, HKCSS reserves the right of issuing warnings to the concerned company or organisation and rescinding its right to use the Logo awarded by the Caring Company Scheme
  • Self declaration on business ethics has been made by companies and organisations in nominations. In the event of being suspected to have infringed business ethics, HKCSS reserves the right of suspending the company / organisation in using the Logo awarded by the Caring Company Scheme, until the Caring Company Scheme is satisfied that clarification from the concerned company is in accordance with the declaration.
  • HKCSS will not handle complaints regarding contracts or commercial disputes. However, if a complaint is related to business ethics, integrity or the violation of any adjudication criterion of the Caring Company Scheme, the company or organisation concerned will be invited to supply further information
  • For the procedures of lodging complaints, please refer to