The “Caring Company Scheme” 2024/25 Nomination Arrangement – Scheduled to commence in the first quarter of 2025
Caring Company Scheme 2023/24: Research Findings Release
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There are 3 adjudication SCOPES and a total of 18 CRITERIA under the Scheme. To qualify for the Caring Company or Caring Organisation Logo, all nominations must fulfil a minimum of 2 CRITERIA from EACH of the THREE SCOPES respectively:

Adjudication Scopes Description

Caring for the Community (Form 3A)
Partners with local social service organisations in community involvement projects, encourages staff to take part in voluntary work and invest resources initiatives for better community life, supports underprivileged individuals to enhance their employability, and enhances the viability of the community by sharing knowledge and skills with their partnering organisation.
  • 1: Volunteering
  • 2: Giving
  • 3: Mentoring
  • 4: Employing the Vulnerable
  • 5: Procurement of products or services provided by social service organisations or social enterprises
Caring for the Employees (Form 3B)
Recognises its staff as important assets; devote top management’s time to listening to staff concerns and offers resources to improve staffs physical and mental health, achieving work-life balance.
  • 1: Recognises employees as an important asset
  • 2: Employee safety
  • 3: Employee wellness
  • 4: Employee family & carer responsibility
  • 5: Work-life balance
  • 6: Well-established communication mechanism
  • 7: Benefits and Supports
  • 8: Related awards or other recognition
Caring for the Environment (Form 3C)
Works with local social service organisations or relevant government departments in order to reduce waste, save energy and improve air quality. Establishes mechanisms to ensure that production processes minimise negative impact on the environment and enable a sustainable life.
  • 1: Successful implementation of environmental protection practices
  • 2: Eco-friendly operation
  • 3: Efficient use of resources
  • 4: Green partnership
  • 5: Environmental Label or other recognition

*Please refer to the nomination form for detailed requirements of each criterion.
Click here to download the nomination form.

Special Categories*


Outstanding Partnership Project Award
Outstanding Partnership Project Award
The Special Award is currently under review. Details regarding the award will be announced together with the next nomination cycle in 2024/25 through the Caring Company Scheme website and email. Please stay tuned for updates.