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Joining Caring SME Alliance

Caring SME Alliance

Caring SME Alliance
Under the initiative of HKCSS, the “Caring SME Alliance” (The Alliance) was formed in March 2015 to promote and encourage more SMEs and stakeholders practicing corporate social responsibility (CSR) through participation, education, sharing and research.

Founding members (In alphabetical order)

  • Limited
  • Bamboos Professional Nursing Services Limited
  • Carthy Limited
  • Concord Alliance Limited
  • Magic Clean Environmental Services Limited
  • Richform Holdings Limited
  • Ultra Active Technology Limited


The Alliance will initiate different projects and activities, and wish more SMEs to join the Alliance and practice CSR to build a harmonious community together.

Joining Caring SME Alliance as Corporate Member

The company that is registered with Certificate of Incorporation and has the business operation in Hong Kong for at least 1 year with no than 100 employees is eligible to join as corporate member.


Application form for download

To apply as Caring SME Alliance member, please fill in the application form and send by Email to or Fax: 2864 2991

You could enjoy the followings once becoming one of the Corporate Members of “Caring SME Alliance”:
  • Related Benefit / Market Information & Update of CSR for SMEs;
  • Special offers for joining designated Employee Assistance Programme (EAP);
  • Volunteer service opportunities with other Corporate Members

Latest Updates

Shortly after the beginning of 2019, the "Caring SME Alliance" has its first gathering on 16th January to invite the public to attend the sharing of views with the founding members on areas like employee emotional management, role of partnership between the employer and the employee, and also the employee assistance programme. With such an occasion, the Alliance is committed to promote corporate social responsibility among SMEs.

SME Volunteers Go Hand in Hand

  • Do you want to broaden your social service organisation network?
  • Are you interested to join the social community activities of other SME?

Through the Caring SME Alliance we strive to engage more SME to participate in volunteer and community activities. One of our founding members would like to invite the SME to join their volunteer activities. For further details and registration for the activities, please click here and contact:

Ms. Chloe SO