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SME Employee Assistance Programme

Employee Assistance Programme

With the vision of promoting the well being of the staff so it will bring in work efficiency and sense of belongingness to the enterprise, the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)as a staff caring initiative is to assist employees and management to go through difficulties and problems they encounter in their work, human relationships, personal growth and family through a series of counseling services, including hotline, face-to-face interview, health talks, training workshop and other professional support. When there is a crisis in the enterprise, such as a disaster, accident or employee casualty, the service provider will provide psychological counseling and other means of support to relieve the negative impact of the incident.

As a Support to the SMEs

Every employee is a valuable asset and driving force of the company. Whether it is a large company or a small business, it should consider providing support services for employees. This is not only the social responsibility of the company, but also an initiative to improve the well beings of the employees, contributing to good performance and creating a pleasant and harmonious working environment. Due to limited resources, the number of employees in the SMEs may not meet the minimum requirements for purchasing Employee Assistance Programme in the market, or that may incur high costs. The Caring SME Alliance had launched the pilot scheme of Employee Assistance Programme in 2017, helping the members to purchase the scheme at a group buy discount rate.

Employee Assistance Programme 2020

To participate in the 2020 Employee Assistance Programme, the company must be a member of the Caring SME Alliance. Participated companies are offered a one-year employee support service from Hong Kong Family Welfare Association (HKFWS), the designated service provider, on an annual fee basis. The contract period will start from the date of the agreement entered by the participating companies and HKFWS.

Scope of Services Highlights

  • On-site Orientation Visit
  • Face to face Counseling Services
  • Hotline and Paging Support
  • Referral to social supportive services
  • Chinese Medicine and Health Care Consultation
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Wellness Programme
  • Volunteer Service

About Hong Kong Family Welfare Society

The Wellness Programme is a service introduced by Hong Kong Family Welfare Society since 1997. For the past 20 years, it provides tailor-made services that aim to improving individuals’ physical and mental health and enhancing their capacity in overcoming and managing their personal, family or work difficulties effectively.

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