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Nomination Summary of The Caring Company Scheme 2022/23

Date of issue: 2023-09-05

The summary statistics report for The Caring Company 2022/23 has been released.

Thanks to the support and participation of various companies and organisations, a total of 5,244 nominations were received in 2022/23 cycle. Out of these, an impressive 4,408 companies and organisations were awarded the Caring Company / Caring Organisation logos (the logo). Noteworthy, 187 of them have received the logo for over 20 consecutive years!

Through partnerships with charitable organisations, companies / organisations engaged in community involvement projects, generating over HK$400 million in donations, creating more than 9,000 job posts / placements, and contributing over 170,000 hours of employee volunteering. Meanwhile, the awardees demonstrated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by taking care of their employees and the environment in their daily operations. Over 90% of companies / organisations have implemented practices / policies to support employee family responsibilities and recognise employees as important assets. Additionally, over 80% of companies / organisations have successfully implemented environmental protection practices, such as energy conservation, carbon emissions reduction, and responsible procurement, which minimise the environmental impact caused by various business operations.
2022/23 Nomination Summary
No. of Awardees over the years & Highlights
Nomination Summary-Caring for the Community (Form 3A)
Nomination Summary-Caring for the Community (Form 3A)
Nomination Summary-Caring for the Employees (Form 3B)
Nomination Summary-Caring for the Environment (Form 3C)

All companies and organisations are welcome to participate in the Caring Company Scheme to contribute to the development of an inclusive and sustainable society, whether they have received the logo for many years or have just started implementing CSR efforts. For more information about The Caring Company Scheme, please visit the useful links provided below: