The “Caring Company Scheme” 2024/25 Nomination Arrangement – Scheduled to commence in the first quarter of 2025
Caring Company Scheme 2023/24: Research Findings Release
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The "Caring Company Scheme" - 2023/24 Nomination Summary has been released

Date of issue: 2024-05-24

The nomination statistics for the Caring Company Scheme 2023/24 (the Scheme) have been released.

Thanks to the support and participation of companies and organisations, the Scheme has received a total of 5,289 nominations, with an impressive 4,210 companies and organisations awarded the Caring Company / Caring Organisation logos. The Scheme encourages the business sector to actively practice corporate social responsibility (CSR) through three main categories: Caring for the Community, Caring for the Employees, and Caring for the Environment, joining hands with HKCSS to promote sustainable development and a culture of care in society.

In 2023, companies and organisations actively participated in various community activities through collaborations with NGOs. They collectively donated over HK$350 million to community projects, created over 8,000 job opportunities or placements, and contributed more than 150,000 volunteer hours. Furthermore, companies and organisations actively established a culture of care, expressing respect for employees and their roles within their families through the implementation of corresponding caring measures and policies. Regarding care for the environment, the number of companies and organisations incorporating environmental protection policies and measures into their operational models has significantly increased, reflecting the importance of integrating CSR into daily operations.

For more information on the nomination statistics for the 2023/24 cycle, please refer to the infographics below (click to enlarge), or click here to download the full version.

Important Note
Entering 2024, the Caring Company Scheme has already been organised for 22 years. As society develops, there is a growing public demand for companies to fulfil their social responsibilities and foster a culture of care within their organisations. Therefore, we are currently reviewing the overall content of the Scheme, optimising it, and formulating its future development direction.

Consequently, the application/nomination period for the Caring Company in 2024/25 is tentatively extended to the first quarter of 2025. Further details will be announced by the fourth quarter of 2024. Please stay tuned for our updates.

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